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Here Are 5 Ways You Can Save Money on a Policy

One of the best ways to get an affordable plan is to qualify for deals. Here are five ways you can get money-saving incentives.

Cheap Car Insurance Rates
  1. Your college degree could save you money. Some insurers have now started offering great deals to college graduates with certain degrees. The companies found that graduates with degrees in certain fields represent a lower accident risk than those with degrees in other fields. Thus, if you have a degree in any number of science or engineering-related fields, such as biochemistry, math, or chemical engineering, you might be able to get a lower premium on your plan. With some insurers, if you are a scientist or an engineer, you can save between 10%-30% on your plan.
  2. Teachers get big breaks. Having a low-risk profession is also rewarded by insurers. Historically, teaching and farming have been two of the lowest-risk occupations. If you are a full-time university professor or a state certified educator in some locations, you might qualify for affordable rates with this discount. Savings on your plan can range from 10%-30% with this discount.
  3. The military helps you save. Most major providers offer savings on plans for active or retired members of the military. These savings might not be available in all states. Some companies will even allow you to drop all coverages on your policy except comprehensive if you are sent overseas to save you money on your coverage.
  4. Your golden years can save you money. People of retirement age can save big on their plans with AARP and senior citizen incentives. You can reduce your premiums by as much as 45% with an AARP membership. The AARP program gives drivers a 20%-25% discount for insuring multiple vehicles on one policy, a 10% discount for having both a homeowners and auto insurance with the same company, and a 5% discount for staying with the same company for five years without having any violations on your driving record.
  5. Use the Internet. Some companies allow eligible drivers to save up to 10% by completing certain courses, such as the one offered by the National Safety Council (NSC). You can take this entire course and the exam on the Internet for around $30 without ever having to leave your home. Also, you may view the cheapest cars to insure on the next page.


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