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Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions about Cheap Car Insurance Rates.

What do you offer?

We offer estimates of the premiums you pay on a low-cost policy with an insurer. We partner with a number of companies that will provide you with affordable premiums through our site. You can get up to five free estimates on plans with us.

How do I receive the estimates?

You can get started simply by filling out a free, online sign-up form. It will ask you for your contact information and it wont take you long to complete. Once we have your information, we will instantly give you a minimum of four free estimates on various plans. You will see these prices side-by-side in an easy-to-compare format. Our information is presented in simple, straightforward language to help you make sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. If you see an offering that best fits your needs, you can apply for the plan on the insurer's website. You may also save your information and return to our site later.

Cheap Car Insurance Rates

Are you an insurer?

No, we are not an insurer, and we do not sell policies. Rather, we are a matching website that can help connect you with quality providers that offer affordable policies. Our goal is to provide a site for those in the market for great deals.

How do I find cheap car insurance rates?

Financial experts agree that the best way to find cheap car insurance rates is to shop around for at least two or three quotes before selecting a policy. On our site, you can get all of the quotes you need by filling out one, simple form. Our form is free and enables you to do all of your comparison shopping conveniently on one website. Best of all, our quotes are completely free and come with no obligation.

What coverage levels do I need to comply with my state's laws?

Most states require certain levels of property damage and bodily injury liability. To find this information, you will need to visit your state's department of insurance website. The mandatory insurance requirements will be explained there in addition to other valuable information, such as complaint ratios for different insurance companies.


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